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RE: [registrars] Richard D. Forman - Background and Qualifications - Names Council

Ivan and Registrar Constituency,

Thank you for your questions.  My answers are contained in the email below:

Cybersquatting for an domain name that is never paid for is wrong and just a
waste of everyone's time and resources.  I'm quite glad that the ICANN
contract requires prepayment for a domain name.  I hope that all registrars
will be required to operate this way.

Cybersquatting is sometimes also referred to as speculation.  When a domain
name registrant speculates (buys a name intentionally and solely for later
resale) I believe that this is wrong as well.   There are instances,
however, when someone registers a name for bona-fide use (i.e. art.com) and
later sells that name to another business that places a greater value on the
name.  In the example of art.com, I believe that it was sold for
$500,000.00.  These examples are much more difficult to pass judgement upon.

Requiring registrants to use credible information before entering the name
into the DNS is a great idea.  I believe, however, that it might be tough to
monitor and enforce.

Thanks for your time.  If anyone has any further questions for me, please
feel free to send me an email at mailto:rforman@register.com

Richard D. Forman

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> Richard D. Forman - Background and  Qualifications - Names Council
> > Richard D. Forman has been nominated to serve on the names
> > council.  Richard Forman is the President and CEO of register.com.
> >During 1998 and through the first  five (5) months of 1999, the Company
> believes that it was one of the >largest  forwarder of domain name
> registration requests to Network Solutions, Inc.
> >
> > Commitment to Deregulation
> >
> >Richard Forman's belief is that competition will
> > help the domain registration market grow and develop to the
> > benefit of all
> > registrars through the introduction of new business models
> > and services.
> Questions for Richard Forman from a Registrar constituency member:
> - What is your view on 'Cybersquatting' (i.e. the registration of large
> numbers of domains for potential future resale)?
> - Do you believe that Registrars should have credible contact information
> from their customers before entering domains into the DNS?
> Thanks,
> Ivan Pope
> NetNames