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[registrars] RE: Ballot for Names Council election.

At 16:44 17-06-99 -0400, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>The count is now up to 6 ballots.  That is 22%.  I have no objection to you
>making an official ballot and mailing it to the list.  But I believe all
>ballots should be mailed directly to me.  Seeing how I am not running for a
>NC seat I do not see where the conflict is. I think the votebot will resolve
>future problems but I do not have the authority to

Dear Michael:

You miss one point.  Ivan raised an objection to having one person 
(specifically the Secretariat) count the ballots.  While it is true that 
you could post them to Ken Stubbs, but Ken is a candidate.

It has been my experience that this kind of group (PAB and CORE) can be 
very suspicious in the early, formative period.  They insist on all kinds 
of safeguards.

Thus, if you sent ballots to Ken *or* Ivan, there are those who will be 
suspicious that you did not send *all* of them.  That is why we specified 
that the ballots be mailed to two separate and independent 
individual.  Then each recipient reports to the other and confirms who 
voted and the totals for each candidate.

Thank you for authorizing me to send out ballots.  However, there is a bit 
of a problem.  All I could do would be to send it out to all recipients on 
the list.  You have a separate list of voting members.

Let me think about it and be back to you.

Personal regards,
While the *early* bird gets the worm,
the *second* mouse gets the cheese.