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RE: [registrars] Xfer of SLD sponsorship/ EU Investigation/ Minutes of Teleconference

Dear All,

I agree with Ken here. As I tried to point out at the telephone conference today there shouldn't be any particular technical difference for the registry to change registrar in comparision to changing DNS for a registered domain.

Maybe I've missed the point somewhere but what is the actual security issue about transferring a registered domain name to another registrar? We will all have signed agreements that we won't breach lightly. Isn't it much worse if domain contacts or DNS is changed without authorization form the holder? Registrar can easily be switched back while changing DNS can result in denial of service or even worse hijacking of mail and other services.

IMHO transfers should be handled in the same way as the other data in the registry's and registrar's databases (exept from certain owner data). This goes with the fees involved as well. Otherwise it will certainly be an adequate competition advantage to NSI.


Per-Anders, Port Information System

> i believe that there has to be some sort of documentation requirement but
> notarized statments are not practical in many countries and most 
> definitely
> not a "global business practices".

> documentation has to be considered in light of both economics as well as
> "universally accepted global business  practice".
> some sort of a redundant "internet-based"  answerback e-mail confirmation
> would seem to be more appropriate to me

> >There is a concern about the unauthorized transfer of domain name.  It
> >appears that NSI is claiming that it must safeguard against unauthorized
> >slamming.  Simple solution at least as I see it:
> >
> >(1) Establish guidelines similar to what NSI currently employs 
> with regard
> >to name changes or domain xfers,i..e a signed notarized statement.
> >(2) NSI should make the change without investigation based upon 
> Registrars'
> >representation
> >(3) Registrar is required to keep documentation of sponsorship transfer
> >authorization
> >(4) If a registrar transferred name in bad faith, i.e. no proper
> >documentation, registrar should pay a penalty or face de-accreditation in
> >light of numerous bad faith transfers.
> >
> >This way registrars that act in good faith are not penalized and 
> those that
> >don't pay the price. The only question is who collects the penalty?  Some
> >component should go to the registry to cover their administrative costs,
> >however, the majority of the penalty should go somewhere else. Where I do
> >not know?