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[registrars] Possible time to visit.

Karen Rose
Mark Bohannon
Department of Commerce

Dear Ms. Rose and Mr. Bohannon:

As you know, Ms. Burr penned to me the following in response to my request 
for an appointment this week:

Dear Mr. Connelly,

I regret that I will be out of the office (in India) for most of next
week, and so unable to meet with you on either Monday or Tuesday.  I
am forwarding this message to my colleagues, Karen Rose and Mark
Bohannon, who are also very involved in this issue.  I hope that one
or both will be able to meet with you in my absence.

end quote:

I am presently staying in the University Club of D.C.  I am in room 
514.  The phone number is 862-8800.  Tomorrow and Wednesday, I will be with 
the delegation of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce 
(APCAC) making our annual visits on "The Hill", known as "Doorknock".

I have a fair degree of flexibility in my scheduling.  If you are able to 
accommodate my request, you can reach me on my Cell phone, 714-392-6215.

I would sincerely appreciate it if I could have a few minutes of your time 
on Tuesday or Wednesday to discuss the contents of the NSI Agreement.  Our 
firm, PSI-Japan, is a member of CORE and PSI-Japan has been designated as 
"about to be accredited" to be a post testbed registrar.  I would like to 
address these questions both as a member of the CORE Executive Committee 
and as a potential registrar.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

PSI-Japan, Inc.
by Robert F. Connelly
Executive Committee, Internet Council of Domain Name Registrars (CORE)
Ken Stubbs, Chair (USA)                    <kstubbs@dninet.net>
Jonathan Robinson, Deputy-Chair (UK) <jonathan@gate.netbenefit.co.uk>
Francois-luc Collignon (Monaco)          <collignon@netbay.net>
Robert F. Connelly (Japan)                <rconnell@psi-japan.com>
Roberto Gaetano (France)                <Roberto.Gaetano@etsi.fr>
Hal Lubson (USA)                             <hlubsen@altronics.com>
Werner Staub (Switzerland)              <werner@axone.ch>
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