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[registrars] Election

To: members of the Registrar constituency.

Since I am running for our North American
NC seat, I figured you should know
something about myself.

I come from an engineering background,
but also have a good deal of business experience.

On the technical side, I have BS and MS degrees in
electrical engineering from Purdue University and
I have over 15 years of experience in the
information technology field including experiences
from developer to project manager.  I am familiar
with the technical operation of many aspects of the
Internet, including, as an expert in the
domain name system, BIND (a type of popular
name server software),  and with
a shared registry system (CORE's).  I am also
an inventor with a US patent, and a member of ISOC
(the Internet Society), and the IEEE (Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

On the business side, I am President of
eNom, Inc.  which has been involved as a CORE
member in domain names since 1997.  I am also a
founding partner in Syllogistics LLC (eNom's parent
company).  Syllogistics is an IT consulting
company with over 30 employees and with
offices near Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA, and Raleigh, NC.
Our clients include Motorola, Boeing, MCIWorldcom and AT&T.
Additionally, I am on the board of directors of
two other companies, one a motor manufacturer,
and the other a motor controls software maker.
I live near Seattle, Washington with my wife and
daughter (with another child on the way).

I am very familiar with all the issues that face us,
some of which are:
- Dispute resolution
- Intellectual property including the famous trademarks issue
- New TLDs
- Whois database rights
- Transferring domains
- Widening competition
- Post-test bed issues: fee, performance bond, etc.

If elected, I will vote on the Names Council as I see
the consensus of our constituency wishes.

I would like to be elected to the Names Council
so that I may have the opportunity to make a
greater contribution to move foward the issues
that are important to us.

I ask you to elect me to the Names Council.

Best Regards,

Paul Stahura
eNom, Inc.