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[registrars] Personal Background Information

Fellow members of the registrar constituency..

I have been requested by Mike Palage to provide information on myself and my
background to assist you
in evaluating my qualifications for election to the names council

I am 56 years old and graduated from San Diego State University with honors
in business. I am a CPA with a long-time background
in business consulting who got interested in the business-side of the
Internet back in 1991

I was involved as a  manager of a web-design and hosting company which
started in 1992 and is still a leader in leisure and recreational
travel web development and  hosting. I became  interested in the domain name
side of the business  in 1996 and started a  company in Orlando Florida
which joined CORE at its inception.

As the elected chairman of CORE  I have been deeply involved in the
evolution of the entire "transition process".
I have had the opportunity over that period to become personally acquainted
with many of you and I believe most of you know me for my continued, strong
advocacy for a fair, equitable & balanced treatment for all the new

I have worked and lobbied  long and hard to insure that all of us are
provided the opportunity to compete  on a level playing field and have done
my best to insure that we all have the chance to get off  to a fair start in
this new environment without being unduly handicapped .

I would very much like to represent you on the names council and give you my
sincere promise that I will continue to work as hard as I have in the past
to insure that the registrar constituency perspective is properly
represented in the names council.

I would very much appreciate you casting your vote for me.

thank you for your consideration

Ken Stubbs