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Re: [registrars] Teleconference results

Richard Lindsay wrote:

> 3.  Concerning the issue of who should be on the list and who
> is a "member" I think we should include all the post-testbed
> accredited registrars, whether they have signed the application
> form or not.  Without signing the application, there will be
> no designated voter for the organization, so they effectively
> cannot vote, but until we have membership dues or other payments
> there is no reason to exclude any ICANN accredited registrars.
> After the 90 day post-testbed period we can amend the procedures,
> but unless someone complains about getting the mail, we should
> make every effort to get ALL registrars to participate.


For the moment being, there are some registrars in the list who have not yet
sent the fax to Michael.. All those who wnated to subscribe were able to . Now
all requests to majrodomo go to Michael thru Elsiabeth Porteneuve.

My positon is that, for some time (one month?) we should delay application of
the rule we voted on during the telconference. IE, we should allow
subscription form those "eleibible to join" even if they have failed to
complete the app form for any reason. This includes testbed registrars;
post-testbed registrars AND NSI. 

But we cannot subcirbe anyone not willing to do so, nor should we acept votes
form those who have not completed the app form.