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[registrars] Registrars list

Hi all,

As I said in a previous mail, I beleive that we should only have members
subscribed and evryone reading (as we voted during the teleconf) BUT I also
beleive that we should have some flexibility in enforincg this rule, ie, we
should allow for some days all thos ·eleigible to join the consituency" to be
subscribed to the list evn if htey have failed for any reason to send the app
fomr to Michael..
FYI, here it is the most updated verson of the cubscribvers list I got. Some
chnges might have occurred,.


Amadeu@nominalia.com (Nominalia)
kstubbs@corenic.org (CORE)
rconnell@psi-japan.com (PSI-Japan)
hlubsen@altronics.com (Domain Bank)
richard@interq.ad.jp (InterQ)
eeden@verio.net (Verio)
richard.bennett@vi.net (Virtual Internet
len@isdi.com (AllWest)
ivan@netnames.com (NetNames)
clive.flory@melbourneit.com.au (MelbourneIT)
janet@theramp.net (InfoRamp)
mccormickm@attmail.com (ATT)
mdp@infonetworks.com (InfoNetworks)
lgaviser@register.com (register.com)
stahura@enom.com (eNom)
JSS@CAS-com.net (CASDNS)
jason@dotpower.com (ATC)
fgurrera@9netave.com (9NetAve)
Olivier,muron@francetelecom.fr (France Telecom)

As you see, some of the above registrars have not yet sent the app form to
Michael. And some of those who have done so are not yet subscribed.... It
weill be useful if Michael ciruclates the neames of thsoe companies that are
to be considered "members" of the Constituency.

Cureently there is only one observer (ie, not member o the registrar
Cionsituency) subscribed. This is Esther Dyson.

And finally there some requests "pending" for approval by Michael. These are
some further subscriptions form already subscribed members, plus David
Holtzman from NSI and Alan Sullivan vorm Votiv (not eleigible to be a
Constituency member).

Hope this helps.