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[registrars] Re: key e-mail addresses for your follow-up

good morning.....

here are the names & e-mail addresses of the key policy people we discussed

becky burr (dept of commerce) = bburr@ntia.doc.gov
karen rose (becky's assistant)  =  krose@ntia.doc.gov
louis touton = ltouton@jonesday.com

these are the primary principals involved in the next phase of the
negotiations for the post-testbed phase
i hope you all consider my concerns and decide what specific items you feel
which will have the  most critical
impact on your own specific operations as a post-testbed registrar and make
your opinions known to these individuals.

we are all well aware that there  is more impact in "many voices" here. so i
hope you will "speak up" and be heard.

i am planning to make a more formal visit in the next 10-12 days to these
individuals and would be most happy  to re-echo your concerns if you will
make me aware of them (i.e. c/c me or call me or whatever works for your).

my best wishes to you all

ken stubbs

e-mail:  kstubbs@corenic.org
ICQ#: 18786107
Tel: 1 352 750-9776