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Re: [registrars] Re: key e-mail addresses for your follow-up

Ken et all,

Ken Stubbs wrote:
> good morning.....

Good evening :-)

> here are the names & e-mail addresses of the key policy people we discussed
> tonight
> becky burr (dept of commerce) = bburr@ntia.doc.gov
> karen rose (becky's assistant)  =  krose@ntia.doc.gov
> louis touton = ltouton@jonesday.com

Thanks for the data.  I intend to add my name to the list
of lobbyists, from afar.  Until now, I have not bothered
to address concerns to the US government, rather to ICANN,
simply because as a representative of a foreign company,
I didn't think this was appropriate or effective.  I have now
seen the error in my ways.

I am going to attempt to point out to DOC the portions of the 
NSI contract that are particularly difficult from Japan.
Since one of the primary objectives of the ICANN process
is the decentralization and internationalization of the
NSI Registry/Registrar process, I am hoping that DOC will
be especially sensetive to particular issues that are just
not feasible in other countries or cultures.  This may be
a blind hope, but it can't hurt to start the pressure.

> we are all well aware that there  is more impact in "many voices" here. so i
> hope you will "speak up" and be heard.

100% agreed!  I think everyone in the Registrar constituency 
should voice thier concerns.  I would certainly urge any of
the non-US registrars to point out specific problems that may
be unique to your countries' rules and regulations.


PS, I have gotten Ken's message 3 times now, is there a list problem?

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