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[registrars] Re: NSI - Registrar contract comments

Dear Mr. Connelly,

I regret that I will be out of the office (in India) for most of next
week, and so unable to meet with you on either Monday or Tuesday.  I
am forwarding this message to my colleagues, Karen Rose and Mark
Bohannon, who are also very involved in this issue.  I hope that one
or both will be able to meet with you in my absence.

Becky Burr

>>> "Robert F. Connelly" <rconnell@psi-japan.com> 06/10 11:46 AM >>>
Dear Ms. Burr:

Reference is made to Richard Lindsay's posting on this subject.

Business brings me back to the District on Sunday, 13 June.  I would

appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you the Japan situation as

described by Richard.  My schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 and
16 June 
in quite flexible.  In addition, if Monday would be best for your
I could visit then as well.

Kindly let me hear from you by Email.  Also, a voice or FAX message
may be 
sent to me at 1-888-828-4177.  I shall be staying at the University

Personal regards,
PSI-Japan, Inc.
Robert F. Connelly
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