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[registrars] Re: NSI - Registrar contract comments

At 14:06 10-06-99 -0400, Becky Burr wrote:
>Dear Mr. Connelly,
>I regret that I will be out of the office (in India) for most of next
>week, and so unable to meet with you on either Monday or Tuesday.  I
>am forwarding this message to my colleagues, Karen Rose and Mark
>Bohannon, who are also very involved in this issue.  I hope that one
>or both will be able to meet with you in my absence.
>Becky Burr
> >>> "Robert F. Connelly" <rconnell@psi-japan.com> 06/10 11:46 AM >>>
>Dear Ms. Burr:
>Reference is made to Richard Lindsay's posting on this subject.
>Business brings me back to the District on Sunday, 13 June.  I would
>appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you the Japan situation as
>described by Richard.  My schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 and
>16 June
>in quite flexible.  In addition, if Monday would be best for your
>I could visit then as well.
>Kindly let me hear from you by Email.  Also, a voice or FAX message
>may be
>sent to me at 1-888-828-4177.  I shall be staying at the University
>Personal regards,
>PSI-Japan, Inc.
>Robert F. Connelly
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