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[registrars] READ. Teleconf!!

Hi all,

 after long discussions with some among you during the weekend (some of them
reflected today when delayed mails started to hit
registrar@registrar.icann.org...) and considering that most poeple seemed to
believe that we needed a teleconf, I have made the necessary arranegments.

The details are as follows:

Date: June, 8th, Tuesday *
* (Wednesday mrning form Clive, PeterG and RichardL in Melbourne and Tokyo)

17:30 am EDT (New York), 21;30 GMT (nowhere) 22:30 UKT (London) and 23:30 CET
(European time: Paris; Barcelona; Berlin).

Dial-in# 1-617-225-2125
Confirm # 268440
Moderator: Michel Palage 
Participants: 20 maximum


Side notes: I have arragned that thru the company that CORE normally uses.
This is why the conf name is "CORE-DNSO". 

Please bear in mind that I have booked for 20 people. This was a generous
forecast, and is based in cost reasons. If you want several people form your
company attending the teleconf, please use speakerphones as far as possible.

There is somehting we should start thinking about: the conference will cost
some $500. CORE will advance the funds (if not, Nominalia will do it). BUT we
cannot not shop around each time we need a teleconf. Not to spaek about the
high costs Michael must be facing, with the need to conatact most registrtars
individually. Even if he has not raised the issue, I do beleive we should
seriously consider establishing a minimal budget, with minimal fees to support
these basic expenses. Ohterwise, we will disappear as a group in the near
future, I am afraid. But not everybody is willing to discuss fees right now,
so it could or could not be disucssed over the next days ;-)