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[registrars] FYI: Report from DNSO Communication.


PSA status report form DNSO Communication proto-Task Force (ie, form Elisabeth
Porteneuve ;-)

Best regards,


6 June 1999,
Report from DNSO Communication.
(cf. Informal DNSO meeting, Maritim Hotel, Berlin 27/5/99, 9.00 - 11.00,

1. What is done
The dnso.org service is set up (the deadline was 11/06/1999).
The notes of meetings in Berlin by Fay Howard and Antony
Van Couvering are on line. The agenda for the first Provisional
Names Council teleconference, scheduled for 11 June is on line.
Javier Sola made a great job to write some pages.

The Provisional Names Council members (those elected 
by 3 constituencies in Berlin, 27 May 1999) are listed,
within each constituency dedicated main page, as well
as in the main page of dnso.org.
On request of Roberto Gaetano, the "ICANN region" was added
for each person.

Two mailing lists are ready (and archived):
         (official announcements from the Names Council;
          anybody can subscribe, only DNSO secretariat may write)
         (general discussion; anybody can subscribe,
          only subscribers may write to this list)
Four addresses for official comments to the Names Council
are provided. All comments are archived:
       Comments on the WIPO report 
       Comments on the new gTLDs 
       Comments on procedures, business plan, outreach/awareness, etc... 
       General comments when there is no specific address for a topic: 

2. What is missing
Please provide to DNSO.webmaster@dnso.org URLs to constituency sites,
mailing lists or documents for cross-constituency liaison.
The dnso.org server may host, on simple request, any mailing list
specific to DNSO constituencies -- please contact DNSO.listadmin@dnso.org.

3. This server is yours
Your input to improve and enrich the dnso.org server is welcome.

4. Logs
httpd logs indicate that dnso.org is already visited by
search engines

5. Chronology
   A) Tue, 1 Jun 1999
      The new computer decicated to the dnso.org is up and running
      at AFNIC offices in Paris.
      The hardware is Sun Ultra 10, 333 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 9 GB disk.
      Solaris 2.7-3/99, Apache+Majordomo+MHonarc.
      The structure of Web pages is ready.
      The content of the old www.dnso.org is taken with wget from Geneva.
      Javier Sola announces to discuss@dnso.org and participants@dnso.org
      the forthcoming changes.
   B) Thu, 3 Jun 1999
      Robert Shaw sent a modification request of dnso.org
      to <hostmaster@internic.net>
      From: hostmaster@internic.net [mailto:hostmaster@internic.net]
      Sent: Thursday, June 03, 1999 12:32 PM
      To: Shaw, Robert
      Subject: Re: [NIC-990603.45d0] modification of dnso.org
      This is an automatic reply from Network Solutions ...
      From: Domain Registration Role Account <domreg@internic.net>
      Reply-To: hostmaster@internic.net
      To: Robert.Shaw@itu.int
      Subject: Re: [NIC-990603.45d0] DNSO.ORG
      Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 23:31:34 +0200
      Modifications for the domain name registration shown below have been
   C) Sun, 5 Jun 1999
      Root servers announce the new IP number for dnso.org
      ... and it will take some time until all caches are updated.

Elisabeth Porteneuve