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[registrars] Regsitrar Const teleconference

Hi all,

First of all, let me underline once more that we are still suing this list in
a "tst mode" but as the other one, the ICANN-sponsored post-testbed list is
still down, I am doing some advance work. There are some mails queuing there.
later today Michael will send some "official" mails, including the change form
registrar@registrar.icann.org to this list, registrars@dnso.org.

Not all of us are already here. Only those registrars that have sent the app
form by fax to Michel and/or have replied to my previous "Contact info" mail.
I am also copying two testbed registrars for whom I am not sure about the
right contact person. In total about 20 of us. The rest are being a little bit
too silent, apparently (more to come form Michael).

I just wanted to let you know that I have finally arranged for a teleconf to
be held tomorrow Tuesday. It could not be today as the problems with the list
duirng the whole weekend left us without any reliable communicatins cannel and
we ned some advance notice.

I will be sneidng all the deatil later today, both to this list and to the old
one, but just note in your agenda the following:

DNSO Registrar constituency Teleconf
Tuesday 8
5:30pm EDT (New York) - 21:30 GNT - 22:30 UKT - 23:30 CET (Continental Europe:
Paris; Narcelona; Berlin...).

Call in number and passcode will follow. 

Suggested topics for the agenda are as follows:

A) Secretariat report: membership; maillist; web; fees?

B) Elections: schedule; nominations and discussion with nominees

C) Names Council status report and teleconference (preparation)

[Will be sending a report on NC activities and schedule as soon as the other
list gets up and running again]

D) Registrar contituency and WGs on WIPO reprt 

[same as previous].

E) Testbed status: ěnfo and lack thereof

F) post-testbed status: contractual issues and posssible actions. Delays?

Please add more topics you want to discuss.

Seee you soon. Keep tuned.