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[registrars] Problems - please read

Hi all (well, those of you already subscribed to registrars@dnso.org),

Today we have been experienceing lots of problems:

a) Michael's server was bouncing most e-mails (ipwarehouse.com) I hope he gets
this one.

B)More impoortantly registrar@registrar.dnso.org /hte ICANN list we are now
using for communication) is NOT WORKING. None of my msgs has hit the list,
only warining msgs are sent back :-(

c) the new dno.org domain info is still propagating thru namesrvers. This is
why I can see the new site, while Rich cannot... I am even not sure you are
getting this mail.

Under these cirucmstances,

* I cannot make any announcment regarding the teleconference (neither the
secretary nor the general maillist ae working)

b) I would ask you to confirm that you got this mail. Please reply to me, not
to the list. No test is needed, just that I got the mail back form you, so I
could check any missing subscirber with Elisabeth Porteneuve (I have already
got your reply Bob ;-))

Thanks, and let's hope that "we the Internet People" will be able to use it as
our commujnications channel with less p`roblems in the near future :-(