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Re: [registrars] WHOIS expiration date for Auto-renewed domains

I am happy to take the comments on this thread and formulate a proposal to
the registry on how we would like the situation resolved.

I will accumulate comments from this list and create a draft proposal for

If you have a proposal, comment, suggestion or observation please post it
to this list.  I'll post the summary and draft proposal by EOB this


On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Nezih Erkman wrote:

> > One solution would be to try and explain to the Registrant that what they are
> > seeing on the whois may not necessarily be the real expiration date because
> > of this thing called autorenewal.
> This is what we are doing right now, but it's not easy to convince someone who is trying to take advantage of  'the computer glitch
> that renewed his domain without a payment'  - yeah right ;-))
> > I recall Verisign asking about the practicality of auto renewal last fall
> > but have not heard
> > much on that lately.
> >
> How did I forget this one!!!. Yes, this is the #1 solution:
> Nezih Jack Erkman
> R & K GBS, Inc.
> 000Domains.com
> 501-779-1934

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