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RE: [registrars] IDN Representative


I do not mean to question your personal integrity. But you do represent a
firm with a potential conflict of interest here. Thank you for your
assurances that it will not influence your work on this panel.


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Hi Bob & Tim,

Unfortunately, Neteka didnt really have much part to play in the so called
testbed implementation (perhaps you mistook us for another company...). We
were not even an accredited registrar at that time. :-)
I look to voice the concerns of this group and I would like to hear more of
what the issues you anticipate instead of questioning my integrity.  Which
is why I am doing this exercise right now so that I get more confidence from
you that I will represent the constituency well.
So far this is what I have heard, beyond my points:

- look more into the future and less about the existing IDN implementations
- look at international and character equivalence mapping preparations
(Charprep) issues
- do not refer to current VGRS IDN implementation as "testbed"


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> At 09:28 AM 1/21/03 -0600, Tim Ruiz wrote:
> >... those who have attempted their own versions of an IDN implementation.
> Dear Tim:
> You are putting the responsibility on the wrong side of the equation.
> Verisign-GRS, the RegistrY initiated the ML so called "testbed".  The
> registraRs had little or no part in it.  Netaka being the exception, one
> the reasons I question their objectivity in the present IDN task-force
> and/or Committee.
> Regards, BobC
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> "One test is worth three expert opinions!"
> U.B. Bray
> "Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."
> Albert Einstein

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