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RE: [registrars] nomination for the Icann Nominating Committee

Hi Nikolaj:

That would have made two nominations for Bret, one from the Registrars and
one from the Registry. I believe the registry constituency is deciding their
candidate this Wednesday. I agree that Bret does possess all of the
qualities of the candidate we are looking for. Over the years he has proved
a valuable sounding board to me on many positions.

Criteria #4 is one of the most difficult to meet and one of the reasons why
I thought Henning would be able to provide an objective viewpoint since
Deutshe Telekom's registrar business is so de minimis to its overall
business operations. Having a major or vocal registrar serve in this
capacity I believes complicates the criteria of #4. Particularly when you
realize that providers (registrars, registries and ccTLD operators) are a
minority in the nominating committee. A strong candidate that understands
the viewpoints and concerns of registrars, while being able to relate to the
users (ISPs, Small Businesses, Large Businesses, IP owners, etc) is critical
to have a fair and impartial board elected.

Unfortunately the nomination period was closed today and I do not have the
authority to unilaterally re-open it. As someone that has been crucified for
deviating from the rules previously, I would not consider re-opening the
nomination process unless the Executive Committee approved and there were no
objections from the candidates.

Best regards,


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> Cc: Bret Fausett
> Subject: [registrars] nomination for the Icann Nominating Committee
> I know that deadline is close, but I assume that I will make it...
> I would like to nominate Bret Fausett, partner at the law firm Hancock
> Rothert & Bunshoft LLP to serve as a delegate on the ICANN nominating
> committee.
> To me Bret represents one of the keenest observers of ICANN, and
> his weblog
> at http://icann.blog.us is probably a daily read for many of you.
> If not, it
> should be.
> As it was first highlighted to me by another member of this constituency,
> and as I have since discussed others of you in private, I believe that it
> will be hard for members of the constituency to serve on the nominating
> committee, should the person observe the full criteria at
> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc02/msg00003.html.
> ## 4. Persons who are neutral and objective, without any fixed personal
> ## commitments to particular individuals, organizations, or commercial
> ## objectives in carrying out their Nominating Committee responsibilities;
> I think it is the right time for us as constituency, to point to someone
> from beyond our ranks to serve on this critical post.
> I hope you will all take time to give this some thought.
> Regards,
> Nikolaj
> ps. Bret has not and does represent Ascio in any matters, whatsoever.

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