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[registrars] New gTLDs committee - timeline (from: philip.sheppard@aim.be) (fwd)

Dear Colleagues,

this just pop up on the former GA list. Seems that it
could impact some of us ;)




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----- Forwarded message from Philip Sheppard <philip.sheppard@aim.be> -----

From: "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard@aim.be>
To: "NC (list)" <council@dnso.org>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:25:10 +0100
Subject: [council] New gTLDs committee - timeline

   Council members,
   at the Council meeting January 17 the following agreements were made:
   a. To respond to the Board request to make a recommendation on new
   b. To do so via a committee of the whole, comprising all GNSO Council
   members plus (if available) a liaison from the At-Large with observer
   status. This group is hereafter referred to as the "gTLD committee."
   c. To appoint Philip Sheppard, past NC Chair, as the chair of this
   d. To ask the chair to recommend a process and time line for
   responding to the Board request.

   The rest of this message responds to point (d).
   The Task (terms of reference)
   At the Board meeting in Amsterdam 2002, the Board approved an Action
   Plan regarding moving forward on new gTLDs. As part of that resolution
   the Board requested the GNSO " to provide a recommendation by such
   time as shall be mutually agreed by the President and the Chair of the
   GNSO Names Council on whether to structure the evolution of the
   generic top level namespace and, if so, how to do so." This was in
   response to part III of the Action Plan:
   Proposed time line
   Working as a committee of the whole and on such an issue is an
   exceptional case and does not seem compatible with the aggressive time
   lines of the policy development process intended for narrower
   issues. I have tried to balance a fixed time line with the need for
   regular constituency consultation, and to interpose meetings between
   regular Council meetings. The timelines are realistic based on the
   achievability of working as a "committee of the whole" in the past. We
   have indicative results for Rio and a final report by May, which I
   hope fits with the Board needs on this challenging issue. There can be
   lots of work by e-mail in between meetings.
   1. 20 January. gTLD committee chair calls for Constituency positions
   latest 1 March 2003.
   2. First committee telephone conference 6 February 2003 14.00 UTC
   (alignment work plan, strategy).
   (Progress report for GNSO council 20 February).
   3. Second committee telephone conference 6 March 2003 14.00 UTC
   (discussion of constituency positions).
   4. Initial report compiling individual constituency opinions prepared
   for Rio (information basis).
   (Progress report for  GNSO Council at Rio 25? March). (Special session
   of the committee?)
   5. Third committee telephone conference 10 April 2003 14.00 UTC
   (alignment on consensus view, preparation of preliminary report).
   (Progress report for GNSO Council 24 April).
   6. Preliminary report comments by 30 April.
   7. Fourth committee telephone conference 8 May 2003 14.00 UTC (review
   of comments, preparation final report).
   8. Final report presented for adoption GNSO Council 22 May.
   Your comments to this time line and process are most welcome.


   1. http://www.icann.org/committees/ntepptf/new-gtld-action-plan-18oct02.htm#III

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