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Re: [registrars] Geographic diversity for Nominating Committee

Dear Bruce: This is true. Richard Lindsay of GMO has lived in Japan for 14 
years and fits the requirement of "English speaker." He is also fluent in 
Japanese and most of GMO's customers are here in Japan.

Best regards,

Duane Connelly

At 07:28  01/16/2003 -0800, Robert F. Connelly wrote:
>At 12:58 PM 1/17/03 +1100, Bruce Tonkin wrote:
>>Just one comment: we should also be seeking to expand the geographic 
>>representation of our various representatives on different committees 
>>etc.  Our Exec team is currently all from the North American continent 
>>for example, and most of the GNSO task force representation is also North 
>Dear Bruce: Are you overlooking the fact that my nominee is from Japan?
>He eats, sleeps and is paid in Japan, his wife is a native of Japan.
>Regards, BobC
>Things are *so* organized in our town!
>    How organized are they?
>They are so organized that --
>         even the boulevard stop signs are synchronized;-}

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