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Re: [registrars] Transfers from up the reseller tree

I think we should just hold accredited registrars responsible for abiding by
our rules.  We're giving too much authority to the resellers while they are
not paying for the privileges. The problems will continue if we allow every
non-paying party to make their own rules.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Robert F. Connelly" <rconnell@psi-japan.com>
To: "Registrar Constituency" <registrars@dnso.org>
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 11:57 AM
Subject: [registrars] Transfers from up the reseller tree

> Dear Colleagues:
> We have an interesting problem for a rejected transfer.
> In this case, the RegistraR approved the transfer.  However one of its
> resellers nacked it because one of the reseller's resellers asked that it
> be nacked because one that ...
> Whoa, let me write that again, identifying primary, secondary, tertiary
> resellers:
> In this case, the RegistraR did not act.  The RegistraR's primary reseller
> was  mute on the request. The RegistraR's secondary reseller asked the
> RegistraR's tertiary reseller if it should be approved.  Said tertiary
> reseller would not approve the transfer so the secondary reseller  nacked
> How will our TF's "Grand Plan" address this kind of case?
> Oh, by the way, PSI-Japan had seven pages of documents supporting the
> transfer.  When I requeued the request, the actual registrant wrote to ask
> what was going on, he had long since asked for the transfer and wondered
> why it had not been completed.
> Regards, BobC

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