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Re: [registrars] [Fwd: Afilias Research Poll]

> Unacceptable and sets a bad precedent even
> if it was included in agreement with Icann.
> The registry shouldn't be communicating directly with the
> registrants. This is a further erosion of the
> business model. And another reason to be fearful
> of the proposed universal whois.


To the general point, this is the prime reason why me must better organize
and aggressively take proactive stances on issues. There are a few things
with the various registry contracts that could be viewed as the "thin edge
of the wedge" as it relates to our business models, but we were unable to
take care of them when we had a chance - before the contracts were signed. I
keep coming back to this, so I apologize for sounding like a broken record,
but we must get very tactical with how we deal with issues. Talk may have
been enough to get us this far, but it won't take us through the next leg of
our journey.

On the positive side, it look likes Afilias is listening to our concerns and
appear to have made some positive modifications to their program.


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