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[registrars] Voting Instructions

The Executive Committee has approved the Ballot and is in the process of
having a neutral third party send out the ballots to the designated voting
representatives. The ballot includes a list of all Names Council candidates,
although the only contested seat is for North America.

Regarding the contested North American seat between Ross Rader and Ken
Stubbs, there have been some inquiries regarding the voting rules.
Specifically, can a representative vote for both Candidate in the same
geographic region? The simple answer is yes. Since the result of this ballot
will be made public, there are some Voting Representatives who for political
reasons may wish to split their vote. As previously stated, this is an
acceptable practice. However, if a voting representative splits his votes,
he in essence nullify/negate his vote. Under a scenario where forty-seven
registrars split their vote and Ross and Ken only voted for themselves, the
single voting representative that voted for either Ross or Ken would
therefore decide the election. If there is a dead-heat, and this happened
the last Name Council election between Paul Kane and Francois Collignon, we
would have a run off where voting representatives would only be allowed one

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage
on behalf of the Registrar Executive Committee

P.S. Remember a Vote is a terrible thing to waste.

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