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[registrars] Update & Request: Transfer Task Force


Two quick points:

1) Marilyn Cade, interim chair of the task force has proposed that the task
force allow constituencies who wish to have more than one member of the
constituency participate on the task force may name up to two participants
as long as the constituency casts only one vote on the matters at hand. For
her entire brief, see

Based on Registrar Constituency feedback thus far, the straw poll held in
MdR and discussions with the ExComm, it is my recommendation that we do not
expand the number of participants in this task force in order to preserve
our unified voice and momentum. Appointing additional members to this TF
will require additional time that may delay resolution of this issue. We
have undertaken a great deal of work to get the issue to this point and I am
reticent to "rock the boat". The task force will be implementing other
mechanisms in order to ensure maximum consultation with the affected
stakeholders in addition to the interviews that I have done with a number of
you over the last two weeks. Further, where appropriate, I will continue to
solicit the input of Registrars both publicly and in one-on-one sessions as
I have been doing since the Marina Del Rey meeting.

Further discussion among the Constituency is likely required on this point
in order to affirm the straw poll held in MdR, my thoughts on the subject
and the feedback that I have received from the Excomm. I am requesting that
discussion on this issue remain open until close of business, Friday
December 4, 2001 at which point, in conjunction with our ExComm, a decision
on the issue will be made based on the discussion and the other data points
previously mentioned.

2) The final draft of the terms of reference have been tabled for acceptance
by the task force. Note that this is simply the scoping document that
defines the work to be done and outlines the path to completion. It does not
go into a great deal of detail concerning some of the specific items that
need to address like "apparent authority" etc., however these items will be
dealt with as per the language in section 3 of the TOR. The entire document
can also be found at
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-transfer/Arc00/msg00089.html as an
attachment to the update.

If you have any comments on this TOR, please get them to me immediately so
that I may present them to the TF.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and input.


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