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Re: [registrars] Interim Report of the New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task Force

> Roberto from Interdomain is serving on this task force.

Correct - I was heartened to see his message indicating that while he was
appointed by the PSO, that he would be keeping an eye out for his brethren
here in the DNSO ;)

Based on his message however, I would like to leave this proposal on the
table for consideration by the Constituency as the requirement to put
forward our views on the evaluation framework has not gone away. I have
spoken to a number of registrars that are very concerned with the issues
leading up to the introduction of the next round of TLDs and the
introduction itself. This could be the view of the minority, but it strikes
me that moving the new TLD process down the field would be in the best
interests of everyone in this constituency for any number of business

Further, a more concise declaration of our position will most certainly
serve to assist Roberto with his efforts on the task force.

I would still like to see the wheels put in motion on this proposal by the
ExComm unless there are objections from the Constituency to the contrary. As
the timelines indicate that we have until January 15th to file a response to
the Preliminary report, I hope that we can deal with this quickly.


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