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Re: [registrars] Interim Report of the New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task Force

As Michael Palage & Dan Halloran know, I am in the Task Force not like
registrar, I was elected by the PSO.

Nevertheless, I can (& must) defend our registrars interest. (and these was my

Now, there is and official paper than we can discuss about and I can help the
internal TF guidelines.

The proposed time tible is next:

December 1: Post Preliminary Report
December 15: Task Force draft of Questions and Criteria
January 15:  Deadline for community response to Preliminary Report
January 24: Task Force teleconference
January 25: Questions and Criteria finalized
January 31:  Draft to Task Force of Final Report
February 13: Task Force teleconference
February 15: Final Report posted
March 10: Task Force meeting, Accra for adjustments to Final Report
March 13-14: Submission of Final Report to Board

We have 4 areas: Legal, Process, Technical & Business.

Each area has several questions.

Each question has to be answered by measures or not (that is the difficulty "non
measurement items").


Start up issue (IP)

        6. Have there been any unusual number of disputes during the startup
period and how well have they been addressed?

     Measurement:  numbers of disputes, result, comparison between others GTLDīs

The aim of the Task Force is to give "ways" to evaluate, not the evaluation



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