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RE: [registrars] Interim Report of the New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task Force

This will go on our agenda for discussion next Monday. It may be taken up be
email among us sooner, of course.
Timothy Denton, BA,BCL
Secretary, ICANN-Registrars Constituency
37 Heney Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N 5V6
1-613-789-5397 Ottawa
1-819-842-2238 North Hatley

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Subject: [registrars] Interim Report of the New TLD Evaluation Process
Planning Task Force

As I mentioned earlier this week, the Registrar Constituency does not have
any representation on this task force. This means that we will not have a
voice in their deliberations unless we formally file a statement of position
with the task force. The TF has filed an interim report that specifically
requests input on specific questions from affected stakeholders.
Accordingly, we are presented with a very defined mechanism for ensuring
that our views are presented to the TF in an appropriate manner that will,
at least, assist their deliberations.

I would like to propose that we take immediate action to ensure that our
voice is heard on this very important issue.


1. That the ExComm strike a working group and appoint a chairperson to
moderate the work.
2. That the working group be tasked with creating a draft proposal outlining
a proposed statement to the TF concerning the items under consideration by
this TF.
3. That a constituency vote be held on the draft proposal in order to
determine whether or not the proposal reflects the wishes of the
constituency or whether it requires further work.
4. That when the constituency has agreed, by vote (multiple votes if
required) on a common position, that our ExComm formally communicate this
position to the TF.

If there is no disagreement within the constituency, I would further propose
that the ExComm take immediate action to put this proposal into play. If
there are objections or disagreement, then we need to discuss the
alternatives "immédiatement"

A copy of this interim report and a link to the public comment forums can be
found here -

It is my personal hope that we can move quickly in advancing this
proposition and ensuring work lest we are forced to provide feedback or
remain silent after the substantive work has already been done, as we have
already experienced on other very important issues.



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