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[registrars] Fw: [council] Constituency meetings on November 12

fyi - below is advice from Stuart Lyn on timing for the next ICANN meeting.
The RC needs to advise its plans for a constituency meeting.

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From: "M. Stuart Lynn" <lynn@icann.org>
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Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 1:54 PM
Subject: [council] Constituency meetings on November 12

> Dear colleagues:
> As you know, ICANN announced two days ago that the annual ICANN
> meeting would indeed occur on November 13-15 inclusive, and that the
> meeting would focus on security and stability of the Internet's
> naming and addressing systems.
> The original meeting, of course, was scheduled to start on November
> 12, not November 13. There is no reason that November 12 cannot still
> be made available to those constituencies ,SO's and other ICANN
> committees or task forces that want to hold meetings to consider
> other pressing items on their agendas. Apart from these agenda items,
> such meetings might also be useful for shaping input on any items
> that are on the Board agenda. You may recall from the announcement
> that the Board may decide to take up items where "time is of the
> essence".
> Making use of November 12 for these or other purposes would help to
> ensure that we can all focus on the core security agenda the
> following three days. Once the details of this core agenda are firmed
> up, constituencies and SO's may also want to use the November 12
> opportunity for advance consideration of the "security agenda". There
> will, however, be times set aside during the three days of the
> security focus for constituency and other meetings to address
> specific security considerations.
> Any constituency, SO or other ICANN committee or task force wishing
> to hold a meeting on November 12 should advise Dianne Schroeder so
> that she can work with the unit involved to schedule meeting space.
> Stuart
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