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Re: [registrars] Transfer Ballot

> ***     END BALLOT      ***

Among other things, I feel that there should have
been some "common sense" exception
to deny a transfer, if used on a limited
basis. I know that this had been discussed. 

I asked the following question
of the drafters, and Mike Palage:

"A review of the IRDX seems to indicate
that a losing registrar couldn't deny a request
based upon reasonable belief that the registrar's
customer would not make such a request (and there
is no time, or no way, to verify it with the
current registrar). Example: My sister is on
vacation and a request has been entered to
transfer her name."

And received the following response (from Ross):

-- Both the gaining and losing registrar may both request authorization from
-- the registrant. If the gaining registrar requests a transfer, the losing
-- registrar must approve the transfer unless the registrant specifically
-- objects based on the presumption that the gaining registrar has acquired
-- authorization. If the losing registrar wishes, he may request confirmation
-- of the authorization from the gaining registrar.
-- In a case like this, I would suggest that a phone call to the gaining
-- registrar would be in order so that the unique case could be handled
-- out-of-band.

I don't see the above suggestion as a practical
way to handle THIS situation. (Different time zones
of registrars, and the need to deny a transfer
in 5 days to name a few reasons. And I don't have
"hotline" email addresses of MOST other registrars,
only the same email address that anyone would
have to write to. )

Larry Erlich

Larry Erlich - DomainRegistry.com, Inc.
215-244-6700 - FAX:215-244-6605 - Reply: erlich@DomainRegistry.com

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