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RE: [registrars] Budget Committe

Rick - there is a person at ICANN who essentially performs that function. It
is John Crain, Manager, Technical Operations.  Have you met him? Maybe you
should have him brief you and/or the RC on his role at ICANN and have some
direct liaison activities with him.

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Subject: [registrars] Budget Committe

Rob & Elana,

I'd like to ask the previous Registrar Budget Committee members why ICANN
didn't budget for a CTO position? If any current nominees could also
comment on if they believe a CTO position in ICANN should be budgeted for.

The following questions come to mind for Budget Committee Nominees:

   o do you think ICANN needs a CTO Position?

   o does ICANN do anything Technical?

   o do technical issues impact ICANN Registrars?

   o does ICANN have allot of technical competency?



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