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[registrars] Transfer Ballot - Take II

Listed below is the ballot in connection with the Registrar XFER issue. As
you will see the ballot is simply an approve or disapprove option.

Although this is entitled a Registrar Constituency document, the Registrar
Executive Committee will endeavor to circulate this ballot to all ICANN
accredited registrars.

Because a votebot has not been able to be set up for this ballot, all votes
should be made to the list.

Best regards,


P.S. This time with the attachment :-)


    Whereas, the ICANN DNSO Registrar Constituency has undertaken
significant analysis of the various issues surrounding Inter-registrar
Domain Name Transfers, and;

    Whereas, several proposals considering possible resolution of these
issues were presented to the Registrar Constituency for consideration, and;

    Whereas, the Registrar Constituency concluded that several of these
proposals contained merit and should be merged into a unified proposal by a
drafting committee, and;

    Whereas, this drafting committee has concluded this work, embodied in
the attached document, that;

    Resolved, the Registrar Constituency adopt the attached proposal
(entitled Inter-Registrar Domain Name Transfers: Principles and Processes
for Gaining and Losing Registrars version 1, revision 0, draft 8) as a
voluntary code of practice governing Inter-registrar Transfer of SLD
Sponsorship and urge all ICANN Accredited Registrars to implement these
practices and processes in their registrar operations.

    Resolved, the Registrar Constituency may modify or add to this proposal
at anytime that the Constituency deems that a determinative consensus
concerning the modifying or additive provision, or provisions, has been
reached by the Constituency and that the modifying or additive provision, or
provisions should be incorporated into a revised version of this proposal.

See Attached Document



***	END BALLOT	***


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