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RE: [registrars] GNR firstname@lastname.name issue

I have to completely agree.  Try explaining to a customer that they just
bought a firstname.lastname.name, but their email address is
firstname@lastname.name and they have to pay an extra $15 a year to use
it and you only receive email forwarding.

For $15 a year, I would expect to have a spam filtered POP3 account not
just email forwarding.


> Ross,
> Thanks for your point about the pricing:
> > Commercial email vendors are typically providing full POP/SMTP/Web
> > services for less than $4.00 per year. Even with maximum volume
> discounts
> > taken into effect, the best GNR is proposing to offer is $15.00 per
> -
> > and this is just for mail forwarding. Pricing for simple mail
> > only is less than $0.10 (yes, ten cents) per mailbox forward per
> > Typically, the mail outsourcers will bundle mailforwarding in with
> > full featured accounts.
> The pricing of course is just one reflection of the monopoly
> position GNR is trying to get into with respect to email
> forwarding. Only GNR can provided email forwarding for
> firstname@lastname.name .
> We need to say no to the monopoly from the start,
> even if GNR offered the service for free.
> Regards,
> Werner

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