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[registrars] GNR firstname@lastname.name issue


Thanks for your point about the pricing:

> Commercial email vendors are typically providing full POP/SMTP/Web email
> services for less than $4.00 per year. Even with maximum volume discounts
> taken into effect, the best GNR is proposing to offer is $15.00 per year -
> and this is just for mail forwarding. Pricing for simple mail forwarding
> only is less than $0.10 (yes, ten cents) per mailbox forward per month.
> Typically, the mail outsourcers will bundle mailforwarding in with their
> full featured accounts.

The pricing of course is just one reflection of the monopoly 
position GNR is trying to get into with respect to email 
forwarding. Only GNR can provided email forwarding for 
firstname@lastname.name .

We need to say no to the monopoly from the start,
even if GNR offered the service for free.



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