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[registrars] Inter-registrar Domain Name Transfer Requirements


I am currently working up a draft document outlining the proposed
requirements for inter-registrar domain name transfers. It is the intention
to use a more mature version of this document as the basis for a specific
set of proposed standards and procedures (or potentially, proposed consensus
policy) that ICANN accredited registrars will employ when undertaking domain
name transfers in the ICANN gTLD-space on behalf of registrants.

The following is a list of the general requirements that I have identified
thus far. Please review and provide me with any additions or feedback that
you might have. Please note that this list only currently addresses the
general requirements and not the specific requirements. The specific
requirements will naturally follow from these general "principles". Also
note that the conventions used below are as defined in RFC 2119

In no certain order (yet)...


General Requirements

Inter-registrar domain name transfers (IRDX) transactions MUST not be
undertaken in conflict with existing ICANN policy.

IRDX processes MUST allow registrants to transfer their domain name
registrations between registrars provided that the registration possesses
certain minimum attributes.

IRDX processes MUST NOT allow parties not authorized by the registrant to
complete an IRDX transaction.

IRDX transactions MUST be undertaken in a manner that engenders registrant

IRDX transactions SHOULD, wherever possible, be implemented using existing
protocols and standards.

IRDX transactions MUST withstand reasonable audit before, during and after
the transaction has occurred.

IRDX processes SHOULD take into account the global, local and multicultural
realities of the domain name registration market and registrants.

IRDX processes MUST NOT place undue burden on the registrant, registrar or

IRDX processes SHOULD be automated, however, specific implementations MUST
remain at the discretion of the implementing party.

IRDX process implementation and administration MUST be the responsibility of
the gaining registrar. IRDX process implementation and administration MUST
NOT allow for undue influence or manipulation by the losing registrar or any
other third party.

IRDX transactions MUST only be undertaken at the request of the registrant
or a duly authorized agent of the registrant.

Registrants, or their duly authorized agents, MUST be provided the
capability to verify their intention to complete an IRDX transaction as part
of the IRDX process.

IRDX processes MUST be as clear and concise as possible in order to avoid
confusing registrants or other stakeholders.



IRDX = Inter-Registrar Domain name trans(X)fer
Transaction = a specific IRDX
Process = the systems and procedures used to undertake an IRDX transaction
from a registrar point of view
"reasonable audit" = not yet defined, but intended to be interpreted in the
GAAP sense.
Implementing Party = the registrar that is implementing the IRDX processes.
This may be the gaining registrar or the losing registrar but does not
equate with the accepted definition of "gaining registrar" or "losing

Thanks in advance for your assistance and input.


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