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RE: [registrars] Draft Letter

Thank you all for your continuing efforts toward a resolution of this
transfer verification issue.  I'm sorry I missed the conference early
yesterday; it was my first day back at work from a one-week vacation.

I've read Roger Cochetti's letter and the draft response circulated by Mike
Palage.  I'm glad to see that new proposals about registrar transfers have
been put forward, and that many in the Registrar Constituency are trying to
grapple with these difficult problems.

I would like however to clarify one point in Mike's draft.  My statement in
Stockholm that I "was not aware of any complaints that ICANN had received
about domain name slamming" referred only to my own knowledge, and to
complaints by losing registrars.  In fact ICANN has received reports of
unauthorized transfers (usually associated with domain "hijacking.")  Also,
after checking around the office, I have learned that at least one other
registrar has raised concerns about transfers deceptively initiated by
resellers or registrars without the registrant's informed consent.

Best regards,
Dan Halloran
Chief Registrar Liaison

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Subject: [registrars] Draft Letter
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Attached please find the proposed letter to Stuart drafted in accordance
with the discussion during yesterday's teleconference and which the
Constituency proposes sending to ICANN. I believe that the letter achieves
the objectives stated in our teleconference yesterday. Please provide any
comments to the letter during the next 24 hours so that I can submit it to
ICANN ASAP. This letter is important to the ongoing consensus building
efforts that the Constituency has undertaken and I urge all member to review
this letter closely.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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