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[registrars] Stockholm Update

Hello All:

Attached please find the minutes from Friday's meeting. This has been a VERY
active meeting. Listed in the minutes is a schedule for voting on the newly
approved positions. I would like feedback from those registrars that were
unable to attend.

One of the more controversial issues that was discussed during Friday's
meetings, which resulted in an emergency meeting Sunday morning, was the
recent announcement by VeriSign to auto NAC transfers when a registrant
fails to respond to their inquiry about the transfer. This is a practice
that Register.com also employs and which is the subject of an existing
complaint filed by TUCOWS. Both VeriSign and Register.com believe that they
are entitled to employ this practice. The other registrars believe that it
violates the spirit of the current industry standard, and creates an undue
burden on a gaining registrar that has already received apparent authority
from the registrant and in most cases already received payment.

This Sunday meeting was mentioned at Friday's meeting. However, I was unable
to announce it to the list because the Internet connection between the US
and Stockholm was down so I could not send an e-mail. In the alternative, I
relied upon word of mouth. The fact that 23 registrars attended suggest that
word was spread properly.

There appeared to be consensus that the auto NACing transfers in the absence
of an affirmative act by the registrant in reply to the losing registrar's
inquiry was a CRITICAL issue that must be addressed IMMEDIATELY. There were
20 registrars that voted in favor of having a losing registrar auto ACK a
transfer request when the losing registrar received to response from a
registrant. Two registrars voted against this position, VeriSign and
Register.com. One registrar after the meeting opted to change his initial
vote to an abstention.

There are many options available to us. Based upon the discussion of a
number of registrars in attendance, a multi-prong approach was advocated.
However, the PREFERRED METHOD was internal resolution within the registrar
constituency as originally advocated by Ken Stubbs. Therefore, I welcome
Register.com & VeriSign to propose to the group a potential acceptable
resolution to the group.

I have created an initial dialogue with a number of other constituencies
while in Stockholm since their support will be necessary if we opt for the
creation of new policies and procedures within the DNSO structure. If there
are no major objections I would like to start circulating a letter
identifying the registrars concerns to the other constituencies.

I will be attempting to schedule a teleconference on this matter if

Best regards,


P.S. I will be off line until approx. Wednesday morning when I arrive back
to the States.


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