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[registrars] Generic RRP Working Group - IETF

This message is directed at Techies!! - IT MAY AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS - so
I suggest involvement in the process.....

At the recent San Diego IETF meeting it was decided to start a working
on defining a common standard for the Registry/Registrar Protocol.  The
proposed timetable is very short but the ramifications significant if
adopted (by ICANN) for both Registrars and those proposing new gTLD
registries.  As with much in this world ...technology is not the main
issue but the political environment in which technology may be
Much relies upon XML (no problems) but legal issues may arise over where
which clients you may offer services to (using such technology) and the
manner in which information is transmitted from Customer to Registrar
and Registrar to Registry.

I am on vacation at the moment and thus not able to particiapte/respond
to emails etc, but strongly suggest Registrar Constituency members get
involved... The list is located at <ietf-provreg@cafax.se> (enter
SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message)

Happy New Year to all.....


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