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Re: [registrars] SLA Update


interQ is in favor of extending the SLA for a period of 6 months,
i.e. option 3.  However, if the original members of the SLA task
force feel that the original task force can regroup and review
the SLA, I would yield to their opinion.  Can we revive the
original group?


"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> As some of you may recall, the Registry Service Level Agreement (SLA) that
> we adopted with NSI several months ago had a sunset provision in it. This
> provision was mandated by several registrars that were concerned that the
> performance bar was set to low. Right now the Constituency is rather busy
> with the Code of Conduct, Escrow Task Force, Whois Task Force, collective
> registry bids, individual registry bids and normal operations.
> Please provide feedback on the following:
> (1) Let the SLA lapse and work on creating a new one at some time in the
> future
> (2) Create a task force in the next couple of weeks prior to the lapse date
> (3) Extend the SLA for a fixed period of time, say 6 months
> Mike
> P.S. Please check NSI's performance to date with regard to the existing SLA.

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