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[registrars] Yokohama Update

The Registrars Constituency meeting on Thursday was highly successful. I
have the whole meeting all (4 hours of it) on tape. The following topics
were discussed.

Code of Conduct. Richard Lindsay and the task force members have been VERY
busy in Yokohama. By weeks end they should have meet at least 4 times. In
light of certain duplicative issues in the original Code of Conduct Draft we
are going to ask ICANN for a letter of clarification on certain issues to
speed the work of this task force along.

Whois Task Force. Ken Stubbs is representing the Registrars Constituency in
an ICANN task force to handle Whois issues. This  ICANN task force has
participants from many other constituency. If you have any interest in this
topic contact Ken Stubbs and ask him to forward you any email in connection
with this Task Force.

Escrow Task Force. This is another ICANN created task force designed to
handle a list of Escrow issues, I believe a total of 11 issues in all.
TUCOWS, Register.com and one or two other registrars are participating in
this effort.

Funding. Those registrars in attendance addressed the issue of constituency
fees. Last years fees set at $250 was needed to cover the $5000 Names
Counsel budget. This year that Names Counsel budget will be approximately
$19,500. Therefore, there is a need for increase budgetary funding in
addition to other cost in connection with teleconferences etc. I will work
with Ken Stubbs on a budget, however, based upon preliminary figures the new
estimate budget will be approximately $750 per year although a registrar can
pay more if that company desires. Please note that any registrar paying more
will receive NO preferential voting rights.

Those in attendance voted on the following issues:

28-0 There should new top level domains
28-0 There should be new generic top level domains
28-0 There should be new chartered top level domains
27-1 All ICANN accredited registrars should be able to provide registration
serves in any new top level domains
22-2 Although the consideration of new protocols are important, the
registrars prefer that any new registries incorporate the RRP protocol.
28-0 ICANN must adopt a process and criteria for evaluating new top level
domains with registrar input.

Following the registrar constituency meeting, a group of registrars
discussed the notion of creating a coalition to collectively bid on a new
top level. Yesterday evening, July 15, 2000, a group of registrars met to
discuss the notion in broad terms. Those in attendance agreed that due to
the limited time frame <10 weeks it would be prudent to create a task force
to start drafting the application with advisement from outside legal
counsel. Those individual that are interested in participating please
contact me ASAP.


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