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RE: [registrars] Daily Yomiuri story about "TLD Name Constituency".

Hi Bob,

You know how the press can be!

The ccTLD constituency decided that we needed a full-time secretariat.  Bids
were solicited.  There were two - one by Thailand and other Asia-Pacific
ccTLDs, in co-operation with the French NIC, and another from New Zealand.
The former won a vote by the ccTLD constituency, and was duly enshrined.

The secretariat is there to help the ccTLD constituency be more productive,
to handle secretarial/administrative/logistical work.  That's all.

Best regards,


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> Subject: [registrars] Daily Yomiuri story about "TLD Name Constituency".
> Dear Colleagues:
> The morning's Daily Yomiuri (English) has a section on "Cyberworld" (a
> weekly feature on Tuesdays).
> Duane was struck by the headline, "Thailand picked to head TLD".  Story
> reads as follows:
> BANGKOK (AFP-Jiji)  Thailand has been chosen to head an international
> organization that manages Internet domain names, reports said last week.
> "Thailand has been elected to act as the interim secretariat to a world
> body which manages domain names on the Internet," the Nation daily said.
> The organization, called Top Level Domain Name Constituency (TLD) sets up
> guidelines for assigning and overseeing domain names, it said.
> TLD is part of a United States-based body called the Internet Corporation
> for Assigned Names and Numbers that looks after the global standard of
> Internet domain names.  A permanent secretariat for TLD will be
> decided in
> November.
> Though Thailand has lower Internet penetration than other newly
> industrializing Asian states such as Malaysia and Singapore, Internet use
> has risen sharply in the past year in Thailand.
> According to a report published last week, Thai teenagers spend so much
> time surfing the Internet they only have as little as two hours a day for
> "pre-cyberspace" pastimes.
> Many Thais do not own computers, but they have easy access to the World
> Wide Web at Thailand's numerous Internet cafes.
> End of story.
> Do we have an Eighth Constituency -- or is this some kind of Fifth Column?
> Regards, BobC

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