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[registrars] Draft Code of Conduct

Attached please find the proposed code of conduct that Richard Lindsay
circulated to the Code of Conduct Task Force. Several people have asked to
see a copy of it. Again, this is still in draft format. Richard Lindsay will
let us know when a copy suitable for voting upon is available.

Michael D. Palage

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From: owner-registrars-coc@dnso.org [mailto:owner-registrars-coc@dnso.org]On
Behalf Of Richard Lindsay
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2000 9:52 PM
To: Registrar COC; ICANN Liaison
Subject: [registrars-coc] Version II draft

Greetings all,

I apologize for the lack of progress, I haven't been too
aggressive in trying to keep the drafting process hopping.
However, there is quite a big impetus to get at least
a first version of some kind of a Code of Conduct
by the ICANN meetings in Yokohama.  Unfortunately this
is just a week away, so if we are to make any progress,
we will have to get to work quickly.

I am forwarding a revised version of the Code of Conduct.
This version was drafted with the assistance of input
from many of the Registrars who attended the meeting
2 weeks ago in Washington DC.  The document contains
many of the same points of the original draft that I
submitted, but it includes some wording with a clearer
legal tone (legal council reviewed this document whereas
my draft had no such support.)

There are a few points that you will notice are not
included.  Specifically the provisions regarding Warehousing
and Registrar mistakes are not included.  This is due to
the fact that many Registrars present at the meetings
in DC indicated they would not be supportive of a
Code of Conduct with those issues included, until there
was much more discussion of the issues.

Keep in mind this Code of Conduct has to be a consensus
based document, so even if the entire CoC working group
feels very strongly about a certain provision, if the Registrars
as a whole do not support it, we will not get a working Code
of Conduct in place.

In my opinion, this Code of Conduct should be viewed
as a staged process, similar to the Service Level Agreement
(SLA).  By no means should this document be considered
a final version that will not be changed in the future.
Indeed, I believe the items that were not included in
this draft should be discussed, and identified in future
updates to the Code of Conduct.

Please read over this version carefully and compare this
with the original version I sent out.  I would like to submit
this to the Registrars hopefully by the end of the week.
If believe we should strive to have something approved
at least by the completion of the ICANN meetings
(if at all possible!)

Best regards,

Registrar Code of Conduct (4).doc

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