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Re: [registrars] Update

At 13:57 06-07-2000 -0400, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>   An important telephone
>number for registrars to be aware of is : +1-202-323-3205.  This is the 24
>hour Watch and Warning hotline, the FBI has representatives around the world
>that interact with their national counter-parts.

Dear Michael:  I attempted to use that service the same day we had the 
meeting.  The person at that number said it was not correct, had me sign on 
to a URL for accepting complaints.

It was a long and convoluted connection, took at least 30 minutes, maybe 
more.  Worst of all, questions were not appropriate but unless I fudged an 
answer I was lost in an impenetrable maze.

Not good:-(


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