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[nc-whois] Basketing: Preliminary report.

Please find attached the statistical data generated from the  
basketing we have done.  It's too late to do prettier formatting  
tonight - maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Anyway, I should most likely explain the labels: For each category,  
there are four lines.  The first line (with no specific label)  
contains the raw count.  The "- pct" line contains the percentage of 
answers we looked at.  The "- extra" line contains the count we'd  
expect to see from the full data, based on the possible and  
investigated answers ("extrapolated").  Finally, the "- pct2" line 
gives percentages in terms of those who actually answered the 
question.  These are the values we're going to stare at during our 
further analysis.

If you notice any flaws or mistakes with this, please let me know  
Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>


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