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RE: [nc-whois] bulk access / european privacy protectionbriefing opportunity

Title: RE: [nc-whois] bulk access / european privacy protection briefing opportunity

Dear Thomas,

Have we discussed about this initiative? If yes, I certainly was not in the call but then I agree I should have read more seriously the minutes of the call.

This initiative could lead to an interesting exchange of views. HOwever, I would like to stress the following: I do not want the members of the task force to go in the wrong direction.  We have a data protection directive in Europe which is the basic legal framework on data protection. This Directive has been implemented in very different ways by the Member States and in addition, the level of interpretation differs a lot. As you know, German data protection rules have been implemented in a specific way.  Implementing laws are different in other EU countries.  In addition, rules may be interpreted in different ways by the national data protection Commissioners.  I have nothing specific in mind except to say that I do not want the non-European members of the Task force to think that all the systems work in the same way and that we can rely on one interpretation.  I may be a little bit strong but this is a subject I have worked on during many years. In addition, I see a lot of misleading information circulating on this Data Protection Directive.



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Subject: [nc-whois] bulk access / european privacy protection briefing

I have just talked to Lukas Gundermann from the Center for Data
Protection of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).  He'd be
willing to give the Task Force a briefing, during a conference call,
on the legal questions surrounding the European Data Protection
Directive and WHOIS policy.  We have agreed that the task force
contacts him at some point next week to settle the details of such a
conference call.

My suggestion would be that we set up a joint call of the Task Force
with Louis Touton and Mr Gundermann. 

I would imagine the following agenda for the call:

 - Brief presentation of current policy; key issues from the Verizon
   (Louis Touton; 20min)
 - The European directive; conclusions from the directive with
   respect to current whois policy.  Focus on bulk access and the
   questions created by the Verizon case.
   (Lukas Gundermann; 40min?)
 - Possibly: A presentation from a European CNO registrar on how
   this is handled in reality.
 - Possibly: A brief presentation of the .de whois policy, which may 
   illustrate what a conformant whois policy may look like.
 - Questions and discussion.

What do you think?  If there are no objections against this agenda, 
I would suggest that Marilyn (or her staff) sends it to Mr
Gundermann and Louis early next week to hammer out any remaining
details with them, and starts scheduling the call as soon as

I suppose that an MP3 recording of such a conference call would be 
useful for all parties involved.

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>

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