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Re: [nc-udrp] gnso.org

> who would be the complainant in the UDRP
> proceeding.

Indeed.  The Graduate Nursing Student Organizations of the University of
Wisconsin and of Kent State University respective nursing colleges appear to
be independent of each other, so there would be a question as to which of
these parties would have priority.


The ICANN PSO and ASO use pso.icann.org and aso.icann.org.  The preclusion of
such domain names as PSO by junior users in the new TLD's was done to the
detriment of such parties as Management Compensation Group/Southeast, Inc. ,
which has held a registered US trademark for "PSO" since 1996.  Despite
claims that registered trademark holders would be protected in the rollout of
new TLD's, such trademark owners as Management Compensation Group were
singled out, and denied registration of domain names which are being
passively held in bad faith.

You will note that pso.info is identical to the registered trademark PSO,
does not resolve to a web page, is not being held by a trademark owner, and
was registered by a US cybersquatter who had constructive notice under the
Lanham Act of the longstanding registered status of the trademark PSO at the
time the domain name was registered.  It would indeed be odd for such a
cybersquatter, or its affiliates, to bring a UDRP proceeding.  'nuff said.

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