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RE: [nc-udrp] nc-udrp@dnso.org mailing list is open

I would encourage members to communicate via the 
nc-udrp@dnso.org address, and not use "reply all." We need to
work as a committee. 

To answer your specific question, the committee has a respondent 
representative (John Berryhill) as well as UDRP panelists from every 

Let me correct what may be a misunderstanding about geographic
representation. The committee was not structured to guarantee
geographic representation. It was structured to provide 
adequate representation of different viewpoints on the UDRP - 
which I think is far more important, and not fully compatible 
with geographic distribution. For example, a respondent lawyer, a 
complainant lawyer, the DNSO constituencies, the different dispute 
resolution service providers. All got to select a representative. We also
added independent experts in alternate dispute resolution and
international IP law. 

Anyone in the world can supply the Task Force with 
comments and proposals. 

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