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RE: [nc-transfer] FW: [GTLD-RC] Revised DRAFT NC resolution re WHOIS TF report

> The following was a note posted by one of the gTLD Registry 
> Constituency reps to the Whois Task Force and I believe the 
> same comments are similarly applicable to our task force.

Request to all/Point of order...

If your constituency or its members wish to comment on the Transfers TF
efforts/work/process etc., I'd like to respectfully request that they do
so directly. 

Transfers and Whois are completely separate issues and we do no one a
service by treating them as one issue. I realize that no one is doing
this intentionally, but there is a dangerous perception emerging
nonetheless. The DNSO must devote time and attention to solving the
specific issues raised by both reports - it is likely that separate
solutions are in order. Creating the perception that the issues are "the
same" will only serve to prolong the resolution of both.



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