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[nc-transfer] FW: Whois and Transfer Task Force Reports

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From: Neuman, Jeff
Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 3:43 PM
To: 'bruce.tonkin@melbourneit.com.au'; 'mcade@att.com'; 'comments-transfer@dnso.org'; 'comments-whois@dnso.org'
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Subject: Whois and Transfer Task Force Reports

Bruce and Marilyn,
As Chair of the gTLD Constituency, I have been asked to write to you to formally request that no action be taken on either the Whois or Transfer Task Force Reports at the Names Council meeting on December 14th, 2002.  This is because we believe that there has been too little time since the posting of the respective reports to receive adequate and constructive feedback from the Internet community as a whole, especially those parts of the community that are not native English speakers.  There have been a number of substantive changes to both of the reports in response to the first comment period and these recommended changes need to be digested by the community.
The gTLD Registry Constituency deeply appreciates the work that has been done up until this point on both Task Forces, however, we believe there has not been enough time to review the Final Report which was just posted on November 30th (Just 15 days prior to the Names Council meeting and just 8 days before comments were due).  There is a lot of substance in these reports even for some of us that are English speakers and are most familiar with the subject matter.  The final report has resulted in numerous beneficial discussions throughout the community, including amongst the Registrars (who are arguably the most impacted by these reports) over the last few days and these should not be ignored.  I believe with a little bit more time, these issues will be worked out with a solution that a consensus of the Internet community can get behind.
On a personal note, as you both know, I serve on the Transfers Task Force and have put in a lot of hard work into that report along with Ross and Marilyn and the last thing I want to see is complaints from the Internet community if the NC adopts the report that it did so in too much haste.  In fact, the gTLD Constituency supports many of the recommendations contained within the reports, but we are reserving our final position for a time when it is apparent that these issues have been worked out in other constituencies, including the Registrar Constituency. 
While we recognize this issue has been debated for a long time now and that we need to find a solution, we believe the end is close at hand.  However, the gTLD Constituency believes that we need to table any formal action on the report until the January GNSO Names Council meeting. 

Jeffrey J. Neuman, Esq.

Chair, gTLD Registry Constituency
e-mail: Jeff.Neuman@NeuLevel.biz

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