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Re: [nc-transfer] Lastest Document: Draft Complete ver 2, rev. 0, draft 0

> With respect to opening discussion on this subject, I would like to know
> some of the terms that I submitted to you this weekend were not included
> the draft.  Surely, all of the changes should be discussed by the entire
> prior to the drafter's unilateral decision to not include such
> Time is running short and I merely codified what we had already agreed to
> included within the draft.

I was expecting to take up a review of the document, as per usual process,
on the call this week - hence the limited explanation of the changes that
went into the document (as per usual).

> Your statement as to whether something constitutes "new policy" was a last
> minute addition that was not included in any previous draft and seeks to
> accomplish a goal that is outside the TF process.  It is not the job of a
> to decide whether something constitutes a "new policy" under the
> Registry/Registrar Agreements.  You cannot expect to add language at the
> last minute and then declare that language as final (not subject to
> discussion).  That seems a little bit like a dictatorship.
> I believe the entire explanatory language should be omitted from the

Let's pick this up on Wednesday (Marilyn?). I'm hungry and tired and ready
to go home.


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